Bulky Items

Bulky waste


Reuse is better than disposal and recycling!  

Good, useable items may dropped off at Orange County Solid Waste Management's Salvage Sheds or donated to a local charity or thrift shop (some offer free pick up). 

Visit Orange County Solid Waste Management's A-Z Recyclery for more information on the Salvage Sheds, including locations and acceptable items.  

Carrboro’s Bulk Item Collection

The Town provides a curbside collection service for bulky items such as furniture and appliances.  

Collection Guidelines

Items Collected FREE of Charge

The following items should be placed curbside on your trash collection day and will be collected within 2 business days:

  • Clean metal: Bicycles, etc.
    • All clean metal must be separated from other bulk items and placed curbside for collection
  • Computer monitors and televisions: Small amounts will be collected curbside
    • May also be recycled at the Orange County Landfill
  • Paint cans: Paint cans should be opened and the paint allowed to dry
    • With the lid removed and contents completely dry, paint cans may be placed curbside
  • Furniture and large items:
    • Chairs
    • Table
    • Lawn furniture
    • Grills
    • Microwave ovens
    • Push lawnmowers
    • Etc.

Please call the Solid Waste Supervisor at 919-918-7433 to request pick up for the above items.  

Items Collected for a Fee

  • Appliances: 3 or less $16 ($4 for each additional)
  • Mattresses / Box Springs:
    • 1 or 2 pieces $7
    • 3 or 4 pieces $14
  • Televisions (over 19”): $6 ($4 each additional)
  • Couches / Sofas / Loveseats: 1 piece $7 ($5 each additional)

Items will be collected curbside within 2 business days of receipt of payment at Town Hall. Please pay before placing at curb. You do not need to notify Public Works that payment has been made.

Unacceptable Items

Contact Orange County Solid Waste Management to find out how to dispose of the following items:

  • Batteries: Large sized alkaline batteries and wet cell / lead acid batteries such as the kind found in cars, trucks, and boats
  • Building / Remodeling items:
    • Carpet
    • Rocks
    • Dirt
    • Concrete
  • Hazardous materials of any type
  • Vehicle parts of any type