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Public comments are accepted at most meetings. Speakers are limited to three minutes but can speak to the Council on any topic.

To see if public comments are being accepted at the meeting and to see what other items will be discussed, you can find the agenda by clicking here. If the agenda includes "Public Comment," then public comments are welcome. Public comments are also welcome for items listed as "Public Hearing" as it relates to the public hearing matter. 

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The Town Council meets at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays (meetings are usually suspended in July and August and during winter holiday breaks). To confirm the date, time and location of the meeting click here.

Agendas are usually posted on the website the Friday afternoon before the meeting. You can also call the Town Clerk’s office at (919) 918-7310 to get info on upcoming meetings.

To download a copy of the full meeting calendar click here.

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Proclamations and Resolutions 2015 - 2022 are available at